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Into the Rift

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So, an update on what’s happening in the life of this here author follows.

Whilst working on several short stories, and a novel, I’ve decided to jump the gun a bit and put something of mine out there. Rather than waiting until my novel is complete or having a full length collection of stories, I’ll be publishing nine short stories in a collection called “Into the Rift”.

It will be available as an e-book, on both the Amazon kindle and via the various formats through As the title might suggest, it’s an introduction into the rift of my mind, a beginner course on my fiction; a “Brett James Irvine 101” if you like, with a few samples of the different kinds of things I write.

Note: it’s a novella, not a full length novel (so think around 15K words as opposed to 75K) in size, so it is a small sample. I hope that when it’s available, you’ll take a bite out of the pie and buy it for your favourite e-book reading device.


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