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Things I’ve Learned This Year

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In response to The Hack Novelist‘s post today, I thought I would do my own “things I have learned this year” post. Not nearly as exciting as his

  • builders never, ever finish on time (and always run over budget)
  • weddings are expensive
  • weddings are the best time of your life
  • saxophonists rock!
  • writing a book is easy, but writing a good book is more time-consuming and considerably more difficult
  • it’s easy to self publish a book, both through amazon and smashwords
  • it’s not easy to design your own cover for said self published book
  • if you want to be ripped to shreds, try your hand at writing
  • getting angry with the customer service rep gets you nowhere
  • don’t take those pictures of your nether regions
  • if you do, don’t send those pictures to anyone

So, what have you learned this year?


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